The Research and Education Working Group

To achieve its education related goals, the Road Ahead has established a Research and Education Working Group.

The current goals of the Research and Education Working Group include:

Collaboratively support professional and amateur educators and researchers in their efforts to inspire and renew public understanding of Route 66.

Assist educational institutions at all levels in presenting Route 66 research to students, travelers, tourists, and the general public.

Support the research and preparation of comprehensive and accurate Route 66 information and its distribution in multiple forms, including: netcasting, broadcasting, print, social media, and curriculum.

Progress being made by the Research and Education Working Group on these goals is reported in the Annual and Quarterly Reports found in the Resources section of this website.

Who We Are

Members of the Research and Education Working Group include:

Dr. David Dunaway
University of New Mexico
John Mitrano
Central Connecticut State University
Thomas Peters
Missouri State University
Emily Priddy
Dan Rice
Rt. 66 Stakeholder
Dr. Terri Ryburn
Illinois State University, Retired
Anna Slanina
Slippery Rock University
Sean Evans
Northern Illinois University
Chester Liebs
University of New Mexico
Steve Mandrgoc
University of New Mexico, PhD Candidate