The Promotion Working Group

To achieve its promotion related goals, the Road Ahead has established a Promotion Working Group.

The current goals of the Promotion Working Group include:

Collaboratively market, both domestically and internationally, all of Route 66 and obtain matching funds through such sources as Brand USA.

Develop a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy to promote the road that leverages social media, and provides a cohesive website and a clearinghouse for information.

Educate the public, tour operators, communities, entrepreneurs, governments, and the next generation about the history, cultural importance, economic value, attractions, and business opportunities along Route 66.

Progress being made by the Promotion Working Group on these goals is reported in the Annual and Quarterly Reports found in the Resources section of this website.

Who We Are

Members of the Promotion Working Group include:

Bill Kelly [Chairman]
Executive Director, Illinois Rt. 66 Scenic Byway Program
Dan Bruce
Former Executive Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson Ad Agency
Dylan Thuras
Co-Founder, Atlas Obscura