The Economic Development Working Group

To achieve its economic development related goals, the Road Ahead has established an Economic Development Working Group.

The current goals of the Economic Development Working Group include:

Identify stakeholders within Route 66 communities that will work towards achieving a sustainable tourism sector along Route 66.

Work to develop case studies on communities that have demonstrated how to leverage Route 66 to fruition; then create an economic development tool kit for Route 66 communities and the stakeholders identified above.

Identify the economic needs of our Route 66 communities by providing and encouraging ongoing programming and support that meets their needs.

Assist communities and their stakeholders in improving and achieving economic stability, and to cohesively promote Route 66 as a top tourism destination and economic driver across all eight states.

Maintain and strengthen Route 66’s position as a top tourism destination by promoting existing attractions and focusing resources on future Route 66 initiatives.

Promote the preservation of Route 66’s historic assets as they relate to economic development by educating the communities, their identified stakeholders, and the public on the connection between economic development and historic preservation.

Who We Are

Members of the Economic Development Working Group include:

Casey Claypool
Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway, Executive Director
Jim Hinckley
Rt. 66 Author
David Knudson
Executive Director, The National Historic Route 66 Federation
Dr. David Listokin
Professor at the Center for Urban Policy Research, Rutgers University
Greg Peerbolte
Executive Director, Joliet Historical Museum - Joliet, Illinois
Bob Russell
Mayor, Pontiac, Illinois