The Preservation Working Group

To achieve its preservation related goals, the Road Ahead has established a Preservation Working Group.

The current goals of the Preservation Working Group include:

Collaboratively share best practices and ideas between such groups as State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO) and Departments of Transportation, focused on the preservation of Route 66 related bridges, buildings, structures, districts, sites, objects, and landscapes.

Collaboratively share information with Route 66 stakeholders about the meaning and benefits of preservation and the tools, techniques, and incentives for appropriate preservation outcomes.

Progress being made by the Preservation Working Group on these goals is reported in the Annual and Quarterly Reports found in the Resources Section of this website.

Access the Resources section for the “Preservation Quick Resource Guide, background documents, etc. related to the work of the Preservation Working Group.

Who We Are

Members of the Preservation Working Group include:

David Bricker [Chairman]
Deputy District Director, California Department of Transportation
Carol Dyson
Deputy SHPO, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
Melvena Heisch
Deputy SHPO, Oklahoma Historical Society - Retired
David Zimmerman
Historic Preservation Specialist, Consultant
Ruth Keenoy
Historic Preservation Specialist, Consultant
Anne Haaker
Road Ahead Partnership, Historic Resources Specialist - Ex Officio